Sergey Makushynski

We are thrilled to announce that our principal consultant, Sergey Makushynski, has been recognised as a Qlik Partner Ambassador! This highlights Sergey’s exceptional expertise and dedication to the Qlik platform, solidifying his position as a leader in the field.

As a Qlik Partner Ambassador, Sergey Makushynski has consistently demonstrated outstanding commitment and profound knowledge of Qlik’s powerful analytics solutions. His unwavering passion for helping organizations unlock the true potential of their data sets him apart as a trusted advisor in the industry.

Sergey’s tireless efforts have not only enabled countless businesses to harness the transformative power of Qlik’s cutting-edge technologies but have also elevated the overall Qlik user community. His invaluable contributions through training sessions, workshops, and thought leadership have empowered others to make informed decisions and drive data-inspired growth.

This well-deserved recognition as a Qlik Partner Ambassador showcases Sergey’s dedication to delivering excellence and creating meaningful impact. We congratulate him on this remarkable achievement and are honored to have him as an integral part of our team.

We invite you to join us in celebrating Sergey’s accomplishment and to explore the remarkable possibilities that Qlik’s innovative solutions offer under his exceptional guidance. Together, we can embark on a data-driven journey that will revolutionize the way we make decisions and unlock the true potential of our organizations.

Once again, congratulations to Sergey on being recognized as a Qlik Partner Ambassador!

What is Qlik Partner Ambassador program

The Qlik Partner Ambassador Program recognizes Qlik technologists from the Qlik Partner Ecosystem who foster strong public advocacy for Qlik, support Qlik in driving exceptional outcomes from data with our solutions, and broadly share our impact with others.

What characterises a Partner Ambassador?
  • Passionate about Qlik and widely recognized as an expert across the Qlik Partner Ecosystem.
  • Active and consistently helpful on Qlik Community or other data-focused forums.
  • Active on social media, industry social networks, and company or personal blogs.
  • Regularly willing to share best practices and knowledge at industry events, forums, in the press, and with industry analysts.
  • Visible in the Qlik ecosystem as a Qlik Meetup Captain, Community MVP or speaker at Qlik events.
  • Committed to providing feedback that is constructive and actionable.

More information about the program

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